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Dr. B. F. PATIL, Dr ANIL PATIL and Dr. P. G. VAGARALI with sohail.

What could be termed as a unforgettable Ramzan gift, renowned Arthroscopic and Orthopedic Surgeon from Lakeview Hospital, Belgaum Dr Anil B Patil has performed successful hip arthroscopy on a teenager saving his life. The highly expensive procedure that can be carried out in metros has been for the first time performed successfully in Belgaum the fact that would bring cheer amongst those ailing with hip problems in Goa, north Karnataka and south Maharashtra

Mr. Sohail Sayyad Ali, an 18 years diploma student from Belgaum was brought to Dr Anil Patil with the history of unbearable pain in his right hip and leg. After proper diagnosis Arthroscopy which is a minimally invasive approach in which a miniature camera is placed within the joint and specialized instruments are introduced via small incisions was carried out on the patients.

“It’s a highly complicated procedure extremely difficult to perform as the hip is deeply situated joint covered with muscles, blood vessels and nerves. Apart from  specialised skills, steep learning curve and it also needs  infrastructure like laminar airflow and expensive imported instruments, however, with God’s grace,  the task was accomplished in minimum time and cost,” a rather elated Dr Patil told reporters urging patients from Goa, north Karnataka and south Maharashtra not to rush to metros for the same. Asked about the costs involved Dr Patil said that in metros the it may cost 2 to 3 lakhs we could carry out the same in a meager cost of Rs 18,000 and the procedure was complete within three  hours  and the patient  will walk within next few days,” Dr Patil said adding that the patients can go home.

Meanwhile, joy of Sohail Ali and his parents knew no bounds. “Leave aside walking, my family had lost hopes about my survival. Since last couple of months we had to run from pillar to post but in vain. I am indebted to Dr Patil who has saved my life, now there is no pain and am confident of leading a normal life in next couple of days ” Sohail told.

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